I wanted to do something a little different this year for Myasthenia Gravis (aka MG) Awareness. ✨I wanted to show you not what gMG has taken away from me, but I wanted to show you (pictures below) All the things I am THANKFUL FOR ✨ Basically everything it takes to keep me where I am today. “My Tool Box”

There are different types of MG. One only affects the eyes – Ocular MG (oMG). The other is all over your body. This is called Generalized MG (gMG) . This impacts all voluntary muscles. It is a Neuromuscular illness. Any muscle you can command, that is what it affects. Speech, chewing,swallowing, facial muscles, eyes, legs, arms, back and your diaphragm – ability to breath. This is where MG becomes fatal. That is what I have. Therefore you will see me place a lowercase “g” in front of MG. This is to help distinguish between the different types.

There is not a cure. It is a progressive Illness. Every single person is different with treatment, response to treatment, disease predictability, visual and non – visual symptoms. Even with treatment major scary episodes can happen at any moment. Yes, there are triggers, but sometimes it just happens, resulting in the need for ventilators.

It is serious. It is scary. I will not sugarcoat the reality of it. I will tell you all things I am thankful for. I will tell you all the ways God has magnanimous worked in my life and stood for me when I could not.

My journey is unique, my resilience is beautiful and my faith is strong. MG can’t take that from me.

Wear teal, spread the word, find a cure.

#MGAwareness #MyastheniaGravis #MGStrong #IHaveHeardofMG #infusionlife #live2inspire1 #resilience Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, Inc. Novacek’s 84 LabradoodlesAll Purpose Canines, Inc.

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