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I Signed The Dotted Line!


Today is a “#LaterPost”  because of the 4th of  July weekend.  Due to the monsoon we ran in on Monday night (I will be blogging about that this weekend) I was unable to get this written and posted on the day I did it, but no worries, It is here now!

It is official! I signed all my paperwork for my half marathon last week since I  reached 75% of my fundraising goal; my race bib and registration are now finalized.  I still have a little bit more to go until I reach my $3000 goal, but honestly we are SO close!

When I mailed my form in, I had an overwhelming sense of calm and nervousness all in the same emotion. I immediately ran to my planner to see what week I was on with my training and the date of the actual race. I had to convince myself I was still on track and I would meet the training pace time required to run. If I drop below that pace while I am running, there is a risk of me getting pulled from the event and taken straight to the finish line without a medal 😦 .     This CAN’T happen!

After leaving the mailbox, the conversation in my head went a little something like this:
– So this is real? I can’t back out now.
– I am going to be doing this in November? That’s too soon.
– Yay, Disney!!!!
– Really?….. 13 miles, I must have lost my mind. I could barely work a full day, 6 months     ago, without sleeping for three.
– Tinkerbell will be there!
– Great, the mailbox has a lock on it, I wonder if my fingers can reach in and grab it?
– Will Marshall let us get matching shirts? Probably not.
– But what if I come down with the swine flu? Do I still get a medal?
– I can’t believe I thought this was a good idea.
– If I back out, I can always blame it on the cat…..

But in all seriousness, it is exciting. I am basically sitting on top of the world right now in anticipation. I will continue to raise money until I meet my goal and if we exceed it, even better! I am gaining speed and distance every week. I can feel my body changing and getting stronger. I plan on doing a training update after my session tomorrow with Shawn and Brooke. Until then!

The official countdown has begun!
Number of Days Until Race Day:  117

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