Training Update 06/06/2016


Good morning to everyone!

I woke up this morning and decided it was time for me to start blogging my training experiences and accomplishments. I have been using a “Fit Journal” that I LOVE! But it gives me limited space. Here, I can share my ups and downs as well as tips I find along the way. I think this will be something I will look back on and be extremely happy I did.

First things first, what is the latest?

The latest is, I am into Week 4 of my 24 Week training program for a Half Marathon.  I am running in November as #StJudeHero in memory of my little cousin. (More on that in my next post!)
This includes two areas of training.
1. Running – gaining mileage and endurance each week
2. Personal Training Sessions (2x/ week)

For example: This Week
Monday: 28 Mins. Workout (2 Min. Run, 2 Min. Walk  –  x 7)
Tuesday: Cross Training: Personal Training Session (Body Weight Workout Only)
Wednesday: 30 Mins. Workout (3 Mins Run, 2 Mins Walk  – x 6)
Thursday: REST
Friday: Cross Training: Personal Training Session (Body Weight Workout Only)
Saturday: Long Run (4 Miles – Intervals)
Sunday: REST

Now, as I am writing this and it is Monday, I will already be making adjustments to the schedule this week.  I woke up this morning and my knee is giving me a little bit of an issue from my long run Saturday. This is the same knee that has given me issues my entire athletic career. Nothing new. Therefore, unless something changes by the time I get off work, I will not be running today.

My personal feelings on this is “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY”!  I have plenty of time to train for my race and there is ZERO sense in doing something that could create an injury. Which ultimately, could make it to where I would not be able to race at all. Trust me, it is not worth it! You work too hard to mess it all up by not listening to yourself. Just enjoy the day off! So that is exactly what I am doing.

Now, I am getting ready work! Listening to music, dancing around the house, loving on my fur babies and enjoying every moment!

I am feeling great and excited about this blog coming back. I have missed it!  I hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I do. This journey is going to be something worth following. PLEASE make sure to subscribe!!!

Blessings and Love, Deanna

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